New hardware

I bought myself new notebook. I considered three models: Asus Eee PC 901, MSI Wind U100 and Acer Aspire One, because something small, light-weight and mobile was what I exactly need. My final choice was the last one of these three – Aspire One 150, with Intel Atom 1,6GHz, 1024MB of RAM memory and 120GB of hard disk space on board. Why this model? MSI was unavailable in the place where I’m living now. Asus Eee PC might be a good choice, but I heard the lifetime of SSD drives is limited, and only 20GB of disk space is definitely not for me. Unfortunately, the configuration with 120GB hard drive had also Windows XP included, but I managed to install the newest Ubuntu 8.10 on it. I also tried with other distributions, but Mandriva was unable to detect all my hardware (maybe I should to wait to next release, which – I heard – will have support for netbooks), Fedora didn’t look pretty on my small 8,9″ screen, and I got some errors trying to install other distros using USB pendrive (I haven’t bought external DVD yet). All hardware in my AAO works properly on Ubuntu, excepting card readers – memory cards are recognized only if inserted while booting.

However, the battery lifetime in my One could be longer, and the only one thing I have to get used to is uncomfortable, small touchpad.


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