Today I put some pictures from my trip to Helsinki. I was there with my Erasmus group. We set off from Kokkola about midnight 13th of October adr reached Helsinki at about 6 o’clock. We spent there only one day, and we haven’t visited all the city, but anyway I’ve seen a lot.

Helsinki is “only” ca. 500 000 inhabitants, but the whole metropolis is very spacious. It is not as crowded as, for example, Warsaw. The architecture is also different than in Polish cities (if I had to compare, it reminded me a little bit Poznań). Helsinki is more warm than Kokkola – 500km to the south makes a difference.

There is many small islands surrounding Helsinki’s coast side. We decided to visit Suomenlina fortress, which is placed on one of them. It’s amazing place with unforgettable landscape – one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen. Unfortunately, batteries in my camera decided that it’s good place to die, so I couldn’t make as much pictures as I wanted (it’s not the first time, I started thinking of buying extra batteries set), but I’m sure I will come back there.


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