Firefox (or Iceweasel) 5 in Debian

I used to work on Iceweasel 3.5, which was installed by default in Debian Wheezy (testing). But after I’ve read about a new release of Firefox and its advantages (mostly how fast it is), I decided to switch.

If you want to  install Iceweasel 5.0 (which is the same as Firefox 5.0) on your Debian-powered computer, there’s a simple way to do it. You just need to add:

deb squeeze-backports iceweasel-release

to your /etc/apt/sources.list file, followed by:

wget -O- -q | gpg --import

and then just simply do apt-get update and apt-get install iceweasel, which in fact will update your current Iceweasel installation to the latest release. (You can find more information about installation here)

I must admit that this update was a good idea – the new version of browser is much faster than the previous 3.5, which I’ve been using till now (but still not as fast as Windows version). It also uses less memory and processor. All add-ons and plugins work fine with new Iceweasel (excepting one, but it isn’t even worth to mention).


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