The story of stuff

The video presents a little leftist, but interesting point of view.

I agree with some points – for example, that consumption has dominated our lives. This is because the global overproduction, thus increased supply, of material things. The good example may be a computer games industry, which creates the demand for a new hardware. They work as a “fashion creators”, but working for IT instead of clothing 🙂 I don’t play computer games, so my 2008 netbook is doing very well with most of its daily tasks, like browsing the web, watching videos or listening to music. I also bought my simple Nokia 2700 in 2008 and it’s still working (but I have to admit that I’m thinking of buying a new phone).

Some tricks that companies made on us are very cruel. There are even magazines (like this or this) which consist only on commercial articles, tests and descriptions of different – mostly electronic – stuff, targeted to typical consumers, making us want all these things.


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