Thinking of emigrating

Poland’s economy is getting worse every year. Currently the public debt to GDP ratio reaches the critical level of 55%. When it will rise above that level, the government has to re-balance the budget, and that means higher taxes, higher prices and lower salaries. It will also increase the unemployment rate. The coming parliamentary election will not solve the problem, because people – I still don’t know why – are willing to elect the currently ruling party – Civic Platform (Platforma Obywatelska).

I think the standard of living in Poland will decrease during the next 2-3 years. The GDP growth doesn’t cause the increase  of salaries, because most of it is being consumed by administration, and stupid money transfers, like the promotion of unemployment or earlier retirements for privileged groups. That’s why i think more often about the emigration.

However, I still don’t know which country should I chose. I’m not going to move to any country with worse perspectives than Poland. This is why I don’t consider Bulgaria, Romania, Macedonia etc, despite quite warm climate. Southern Europe is also not an option due to current fiscal crisis – even bigger than Polish. I don’t like Scandinavian socialism, despite relatively high salaries there.  The best option for me would be some non-EU country, but that’s currently impossible, or at least difficult.

Personally, I thought of Czech Republic, Switzerland, Austria or Germany. Czech language is quite similar to Polish, so it would be easy for me to learn it. I was to Czech Republic last summer and I liked it – nice people, beautiful country and excellent beer 🙂 Regarding German-speaking countries – I know German basics, but I can learn more. Do you think those countries are good choice? Or maybe you could recommend me something?


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