I’m learning Spanish

In 2013 I spent a holiday with my wife on Mallorca… If you asked me few years ago, I would tell you I don’t like Spanish culture and language. I considered those loud, noisy Spaniards as grown-up kids with their never-ending siesta and mañana attitude to life – so with the lack of better reason I was also negative about the language.


But during our trip I even started to like this chill-out lifestyle and attitude. And after we came back home I decided that I will learn Spanish. The reason was trivial: I just loved how it sounds 🙂
Some time has passed since then and my motivation went down. But after a year I finally made it a new-year resolution and decided to focus all my efforts on learning a new language. First of all, I needed…

a good reason to learn Spanish.

There are plenty reasons to learn a new language. But why Spanish? Let me just list some of them:

  • it’s one of the most-spoken languages in the world, after Chinese (and English, according to some sources), with over 400 millions native speakers
  • Spanish is an official language in 20 countries; many of them are quite attractive travel destinations
  • with its relatively simple grammar and vocabulary, it’s quite easy to learn for Europeans (it takes 6-12 months for English natives to achieve fluency)
  • Spanish can give me an advantage in labour market – even here in Poland, with growing BPO services market
  • as a language of love, it just sounds sexy 🙂

After that, I set…

the objective. My goal is to reach at least B1 level at the end of this year. Maybe not very ambitious, however it will let me communicate in most day-to-day situations. It doesn’t mean after reaching my goal I’ll stop learning.

Then, I need…

a plan.

Last Christmas I got a Spanish course for Polish speakers from my sister. The course consists of 2 books (23+18 lessons), 5 audio CDs & 1 CD-ROM and it can get you from zero- to B1-level. This is going to be the core of my strategy and should take me 2-3 months to finish it. I’m going to support it with other methods:
– websites like duolingo
– flash cards for vocabulary learning
– repeating phrases from phrasebook in my free time at work
– listening to podcasts while driving or walking out the dog
– listening to Spanish online radio stations (however some may argue if this is a good method)
– some basic reading and translations (short stories, children books)

So wish me luck with my Spanish adventure! In my next post I’ll share some online Spanish learning resources which I use (mostly for English speakers).


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