I’m back

15 January, 2011

Hi there. I haven’t written for quite long time. Probably nobody visits this blog now, but I don’t care.

I decided to wake this blog up. The reason is – I’d like to improve my written English. I want to stay in touch with the language I used to speak for almost a year. Besides, someone may find useful the stuff I write.

What I’m going to write about? That’s a tough question – lack of topics is often the beginning of the end of a blogger. I’ll start with some updates from my personal life (and I don’t care that no one is interested – I just want to practice English), maybe some tips for Linux or Aspire One users. I can’t exclude more personal posts, like my opinions about current affairs.

So expect a new post soon!


New blog and new ideas

5 May, 2009

Few days ago I decided to start my new blog. It’s in Polish and I’ll be writing there mainly about Warsaw Stock Exchange, investing and economic issues. The address is www.stocktrader.pl, but despite I’m not a stock trader yet, I’m going to start my experience with stock exchange soon. The main purpose of my blog is to monitor my own learning progress and learn on mistakes, but I hope the others would also somehow benefit from it.

I bought my domain in Polish domain registering company nazwa.pl for approx. 3€ 🙂 I use free web hosting on orgfree.com – they provide very good hosting service with 500MB disk space, 5GB daily or 100TB (!) monthly traffic limit, php, MySQL5 database, FTP support and phpMyAdmin (whatever it means) – it’s much more than my WordPress installation requires, and that’s all for free! Moreover, we can install WordPress, phpBB or joomla with just one click. I think it’s the best free hosting I could find.

I also have another (commercial) website idea, but it’s still in its infancy so I think it’s too early for sharing. I can only tell it’s something connected with social blogging. I’ve installed joomla! on my other orgfree.com account and now I’m testing my idea.

So if you understand Polish, you’re welcome to visit www.stocktrader.pl!