26 October, 2008

Today I installed on my Aspire One Linux Omega beta – distribution based on Fedora (actually, it is Fedora with a/v codecs and multimedia applications installed by default). After running, system looked really ugly – because of my previous Ubuntu installation (I’ve kept my /home directory) – i had to do some visual tuning and turn Compiz off. any  However, the new Fedora kernel recognized my Wifi card, which was working out-of-the-box, as well as left card reader.
After this happy welcoming, unpleasant surprise has came – when I wanted to upgrade the system, I couldn’t add software sources – after clicking on any of them, and waiting few minutes (!), I was getting message about some error. I reallised it’s time to say goodbye to Omega… Well, I cannot use distribution without ability to install new software! Or, maybe just beta version is not for me.