Tampere trip

17 March, 2009

After I came back from Poland after Christmas, me and my friends went to visit Tampere. It’s the third biggest city in Finland and is placed between two lakes, with the channel linking them. The city looks a litle bit like the Polish city of Łódź, because of its industrial past and many red-brick buildings. As I promised before, I put some pictures from the trip.


After Christmas

2 March, 2009

I didn’t write anything last time due to lack of free time. During Christmas I was back to Poland and I made terrible mistake… I moved all my pictures from the “Eurotrip” (Tallinn, Vilnius, Riga) to my home PC and totally forgot about it, so I can’t post it now on my blog :/ But I will do it as soon as possible, that is in June, I promise!

I’ve visited some interesting places last time, eg. Tampere and Turku. I’ll try to post some pictures as soon as I find some free time.


14 December, 2008

Today I put some pictures from my trip to Helsinki. I was there with my Erasmus group. We set off from Kokkola about midnight 13th of October adr reached Helsinki at about 6 o’clock. We spent there only one day, and we haven’t visited all the city, but anyway I’ve seen a lot.

Helsinki is “only” ca. 500 000 inhabitants, but the whole metropolis is very spacious. It is not as crowded as, for example, Warsaw. The architecture is also different than in Polish cities (if I had to compare, it reminded me a little bit Poznań). Helsinki is more warm than Kokkola – 500km to the south makes a difference.

There is many small islands surrounding Helsinki’s coast side. We decided to visit Suomenlina fortress, which is placed on one of them. It’s amazing place with unforgettable landscape – one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen. Unfortunately, batteries in my camera decided that it’s good place to die, so I couldn’t make as much pictures as I wanted (it’s not the first time, I started thinking of buying extra batteries set), but I’m sure I will come back there.


29 September, 2008

Last time I’ve been on a trip to Vaasa. The town wasn’t especially interesting, but it’s good to visit some surrounding cities when you have opportunity to do it. We went there by a rented car, so it was cheaper than by train (Finland is quite expensive country). I also took some pictures, which I would like to share with you.

Unfortunately, I didn’t take pictures on 7 Bridges Road when we were going back (it’s on the way between Pietarsaari and Kokkola) because batteries in my camera were dead, but the landscape there was unforgetable.